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  Kelas : 3, Bahasa Inggris (Prediksi Uan2005/RAYON A)

Text 1
The sense of mistrust is compounded by smaller annoyances that leave the families feeling
as though no one in authority cares about them. A number of wives mentioned paychecks that were delayed or mysteriously smaller than expected. Letters take up to a month to arrive. Troops complain about missing conveniences, including fresh water and food. (Insect repellent is one of the most frequently requested items.) A pentagon spokesman, who didn’t want to be identified a knowledged that some of these complaints are probably genuine, but said the incidents were isolated

1.   The text tells you about ....
A.the inconveniences of troops
B.the amount of money received by some wives
C.the arrival of letters which is not on time
D.the dissatisfaction of families caused by the bad service
E.the complaints from Pentagon spokesman, who didn’t want to be identified

2.   Insect repellent is one of the most frequently requested items.
The underlined word means ....
A.tool to drive insects
B.insect bite on the skin
C.lotion to get rid of insects
D.dust or spray to kill insects
E.traditional remedy to combat insects

Text 2

Forest fires have been big news in Indonesia for many years. The smoke and environmental
destruction caused by these fires has hit the headlines in newspapers and on television
throughout Asia as well. It is a huge problem that requires serious attention. BIOMA, a
local NGO based in Samarinda has been working together with villagers from 12 ethnic
groups in community-based forest management and control programs. They have been
investigating how traditional methods of fire fighting can be used to lessen the threat of
such fires in future and help cope with outbreaks of fire if they occur. They have been
successful with communities in strengthening local institutions responsible for forest fire
problems. This program also assisted with developing better cooperation between the stakeholders – the local government and the villagers. AusID and the Australian embassy are providing financial assistance to BIOMA while staff members including Pak Pajar and Pak Irawan work together with the forest communities. Fire prevention and control are being studied in the hope that the traditional methods used for many hundreds of years can be put to effective use in this twenty first century.

3.   What effort has been done to lessen the threat of forest fires?
A.Using traditional methods of fire fighting.
B.Preparing fire brigades to prevent fires.
C.Throwing cigarette ends anywhere.
D.Spreading man-made rain.
E.Cutting off many trees.

4.   Which of the following sentences is the main idea of the text?
A.Forest fires must be soon tackled.
B.Two men bring about the fires.
C.People surrounding are responsible for preventing forest fires.
D.Forest fires cause smoke and enviromental destruction.
E.Traditional methods are used for fire prevention and control.

5.   Forest fire is a huge problem to ....
A.think seriously
B.make people aware
C.soon prevent intensively
D.use traditional methods
E.tackle without team work

6.   ".........................how traditional methods of fire fighting can be used to lessen the threat ___.” (Line 6)
The underlined word has the same meaning as ....

Text 3

Mice may be the culprits behind an epidemic of childhood allergies being seen by doctors
in the United States, research at the Johns Hopkins Medical Institution in Baltimore

The team found that 95 percent of all homes examined in two New York districts and
six other United States cities had evidence of mice in at least one room.

In Baltimore, allergy triggers in the form of mouse urine and skin flakes were found
in every single home visited. Eighteen percent of the children in these homes were allergic
to mice and these tended to have a more severe form of asthma.

The team took samples from homes in the Bronx and East Harlem, both in New York,
as well as in Washington DC, St. Louis, Baltimore, Chicago, Cleveland, and Detroit.

For a long time mice were not suspected of triggering allergies in the home. “Now we
know that houses are full of it, and we were surprised that mice turned out to be even more
important in inner-city asthma than cats, dogs, or dust mites,” said Dr. Robert Wood of
Johns Hopkins.

7.   The main idea of paragraph 3 is ...
A.In Baltimore children were allergic to mice.
B.Allergy triggers were fauna in the form of mouse urine and skin flakes.
C.Allergy to mice tended to have a more severe form of asthma.
D.Mouse urine and skin flakes were found in every single home visited.
E.A great number of children in Baltimore were allergic to mice.

8.   In how many cities did the team examine homes? In … cities.

9.   What did the team find in the homes they examined? … they examined had evidence of mice.
A.All homes
B.All rooms of the house
C.One room of all houses
D.95% of all rooms in the homes
E.At least one room in 95% of homes

10.   Mice may be the culprits behind an epidemic of childhood___.” (Paragraph 1) The underlined word means ….

Text 4

He Treats them to Ice-Cream
Every Sunday they went for a walk together
He, she
And the three children

One night
when she tried to stop him going
to his other women
he pulled out a flick-knife
from under the mattress

They still go for a walk
every Sunday
he, she and three children
He treats them to ice-cream and they all laugh
She too

11.   What characteristic is shown by him to his family in the prose? Loyalty, love and ….

12.   Which one is the main idea of the first couplet?
A.Togetherness and love among the family members is built.
B.Treating ice cream habit may build good team work.
C.The same habit may build good team work.
D.He is a father who shows his love and attention to his family.
E.The wife’s jealousy often appears.

13.   How many characters are there in the family?

14.   The father treats ... to ice cream and … all laugh.
A.her – the three children
B.them – they
C.her – they
D.them – he
E.them – she

15.   "he pulled out a flick-knife” (Couplet 2)
The underlined words means ….
A.came to level

Muthu is seven years old but he will never play with matches again. His playing with
them started a fire which (AA)… his family’s flat in Bendok. He and his sister ran out of
their three-room flat soon after the fire started. Their parents, who were still (BB)…, also
ran out when they were awakened by the (CC)… of the children. The fire was out of control by then. It took the firemen almost an hour to put out the fire.

16.   AA.

17.   BB.

18.   CC.

19.   Rearrange these sentences to become a good paragraph.
1. She earns Rp1.000.000,00 a month.
2. At week-ends she plays tennis or goes swimming.
3. and in ten or twelve years she hopes to become a dress designer.
4. Helen is cashier who works in the bank.
5. Her working hours are from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.
6. in her spare time she is studying economics,
A.4 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 6 – 5
B.1 – 3 – 5 – 2 – 6 – 5
C.4 – 5 – 1 – 2 – 6 – 3
D.5 – 2 – 1 – 3 – 6 – 5
E.4 – 5 – 2 – 1 – 6 – 3

20.   Mother: You look so happy. What’s up?
Patrick : I won the scholarship to Australia for 2 years.
Mother : ..., son.
A.You make me sad
B.That will be alright
C.That’s very kind of you
D.I’m sorry to hear that
E.I’m very proud of you

21.   Mrs. Hapsari : There has been a seminar on the concept of national resilience and regional Dr. Lubna : Yes, you’re right and it will be ... by ASEAN countries.

22.   Anton : What was the result of the badminton match?
Rudi : I’m very proud of Toni. He won the game without any difficulties.
Anton : What about Andika? Did he play badly?
Rudi : I don’t know exacly. Actually his rival was not so good, but ....
A.to my surprise he won the game
B.it’s strange that he couldn’t win the game
C.I think he was a good player
D.I was very proud of him
E.he shouldn’t have won the game

23.   When “Pak Guru” entered the class, he saw that it was so dirty.
He said to the students: “Have it cleaned” It means ....
A.he asked the student to get somebody to clean the class
B.he told the students to clean the class
C.he and the students cleaned the class
D.he has cleaned the class
E.he cleaned the class himself

24.   Tuti : I haven’t seen you for ages. Where have you been?
Ani : I was sick, and I had to stay in the hospital for two weeks.
Tuti : Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. If I had known about it, I would have visited you.
The underlined sentence shows that Tuti didn’t know that Ani was sick ....
A.so she didn’t visit her
B.but she visited her
C.even though she visited her
D.but she didn’t visit her
E.but she visits her

25.   Ratih: My mother was sick, so I couldn’t leave her yesterday. I missed quite a lot of notes.           May I borrow yours?
Lala : ... I need it for the next test.
A.By all means.
B.Go ahead, please.
C.I think it’s alright.
D.I’m afraid you can’t.
E.With all my pleasure.

26.   Aini : Could you accompany me to go to the art exhibition?
Deni : Well, I’m sorry I can’t.
Aini : Why? Is it because of your girlfriend? I heard she is very jealous.
Deni : Oh no. It’s not true. ... that rumour.
A.I’m convinced
B.I’m sorry for
C.I’m positive
D.I hope
E.I deny

27.   Son : Somebody entered my house and stole the television, mom.
Mother : How could it happen? Did you forget to lock all the doors?
Son : No. I ... all the doors before I left.
A.had locked
B.would lock
C.have locked
D.will have locked
E.would have locked

28.   Painter 1 : Will the detective be able to find the stolen painting?
Painter 2 : Well, ... . He is dependable.
A.he won’t
C.no one is sure
D.we’re still hoping
E.you should be doubtful

29.   Rina : Could you tell the teacher that I won’t be able to come to school tomorrow?
Rani : Yes, why?
Rina : Because my grandfather has just passed away.
Rani : ...
A.That’s not a problem.
B.Don’t worry too much.
C.That’s not good news.
D.I will tell the teacher.
E.I am sorry to hear that.

30.   Gunawan is playing tennis now. He began playing tennis two hours ago. We can conclude that Gunawan ... for two hours.
A.was playing
B.has played
C.will be playing
D.has been playing
E.will have been playing

31.   Budi : Did you watch the tennis match yesterday?
Darma : Yes, I saw them ... very well.
A.are playing
D.were playing
E.have played

32.   Father : Where is Andi?
Mother : He is still sleeping in his room.
Father : Did he go to his friend’s party in spite of heavy rain last night?
Mother : Yes, he did.
The underlined words means ... it rained heavily.

33.   Hartono : I think all the vendors must obey the regulations.
Bambang : That’s right. All of them have been provided with adequate stands ...?
A.haven’t you
B.don’t you
C.mustn’t they
D.haven’t they
E.aren’t you

34.   Democracy is a philosophy of government which is based on the ... that all should have the same basic rights and freedom.

35.   Depending on the origin we usually distinguish ... music from foreign music.
E.indigenous is ....

36.   Darma : What do you plan to do after graduating from this school?
Budi : I am going to further my studies at a foreign language college.
Darma : Good, but you will have a personal ....

37.   Ana : Why are you here? You are supposed to be at your English class, aren’t you? Andika : I wish there were no English class today. My parents asked me to pay the telephone bill
The underlined sentence means ....
A.Andika has English class
B.Andika had English class
C.Andika attends his English class
D.Andika has no English class
E.Andika had no English class

38.   Wayan : Excuse me, can I help you?
Zaki : Well sir, can you show me the way to the Mads Johansen Lange tomb?
Wayan : It is not far from here. It is located on Jl. Tuan Lange but you must pass through a slum area to get there which is near a Chinese graveyard and a terminal for garbage trucks.
Zaki : Are there any tourists there?
Wayan : Only some tourists as there are no directions for reaching the tomb.
After reading the dialogue above we may conclude that “the Mads Johansen Lange tomb
A.a terminal for garbage trucks
B.a gravestone where Mads Johansen Lange is buried
C.a slum area near a Chinese graveyard
D.direction to reach Jl. Tuan Lange
E.the place where Chinese people are marked

39.   In an agricultural society, women are concerned with the whole family life, listening for the cries of their children, taking care of their health, etc.
The word whole means ....

40.   Ferdy : Sisca, do you know when UNESCO was ..., and where is its headquarters?
Sisca : It’s in 1946, and its headquarters are in Paris.