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  Kelas : 1, Bahasa Inggris (Semester Genap/Evaluasi 03)

Education is compulsory. Children should be well educated. All parents have primari responsibility for their childrens' education although they usually delegate this to school. Every child of cumpulsory school age should receive efficient full time education, suitable  to his age, ability and aptitude. Children are usually educated in accordance with their parents' wishes. They system of education, however, is required to ensure that children of compulsory school age are well educated.

In accordance with the system of national education, a child should be sent to an elementary school when he reaches the age of six or seven. The length of studies in this school is six years. some parents send their children of four or five to kindergarden, in which they learn mainly by playing. After graduating from elementary school, they should continue to junior high school for three years. Senior high school is proposed for those who have graduated from junior high school. The school courses last for three years. If they do not continue their studies to universities, they can join a kind of vocational education which prepares them to start a career as soon as they finish their studies.

1.   Education should be suitable to their age and aptitude.

2.   In accordance with the system of national education a child should be sent to ...... when he/she reaches the age of six or seven.
A.senior high school
B.junior high school
C.elementary school

3.   After graduating from elemtaray school, they should continue their study to junior high school (par 2). They refers to ....................

4.   Education is compulsory (par 1) . Compulsory means .............
A.must be continued
B.must be done
C.must be paid
D.must be taken
E.must be given

5.   Which of the following statements is not true?
A.All parents have primary responsibility for every child's education
B.It is compulsory for children to go kindegarden
C.Children are usually educaated in accordance with their parent's wishes
D.The system of education is necessary to make sure that children are given well educated
E.children should get well educated

When one's body is well, when his mind is sound and active and he feels good, he is not afraid of being sick. Good condition of the body, mind and emotion are all parts of good health that make our body alive. Avoiding the body from illness is the foundation of good health.

Pay attention to the proper care of the body, the food you eat and water you drink. supply the body with materials needed to do work and the process of growing. Vitamins are very important for our body. They help the body make proper use of the food you eat. Different food contains different substances needed by the body.  Foot, like meat, milks, fish, cheese, and eggs are contain protein. This substances are needed to repair and build muscles. Exercise is good for blood vessel, because it help keep even the smaller blood vessels open and it keeps the muscles healthy.

Almost all people during each 24 hour period, need a number of hours of total rest. NO one has yet found out the progress that takes place in the body during the hours sleep. No one can hear what is going on in their bodies when they are sleeping. But the scientist agree because they have examined that this is the time in      which cells of the body recover from the strains of the day and build up supplies of energy for the next period of activity.

6.   Jogging is considered to be an easy and cheap exercise. Because ................
A.It keep our mucles healthy
B.we use a lot of equipment in doing it
C.it can make us tired and sleep a lot
D.we have to practice a lot before doing it
E.it can cause our small blood vessels to close

7.   They help the body make proper use of the food you eat. ( par 2)
They refers to ...............
D.different foods
E.blood vessels

8.   ................ this is the time in which the cells of the body recover form ( par 4)
Recovers means .......................
A.go back
B.get back
C.give back
D.take back
E.come back

9.   Which of the following statements is not true according to the text
A.Exercise is important for our health
B.A good condition of the body makes, our body alive
C.the food we eat and the water we drink makes us healthy
D.No one can hear what is going on in their bodies.
E.When we are sleeping the cells of our body recover from the work of the day.

Long ago, rich people could buy silk and furs from other lands. sometimes people took the cloth home to sew. But sometimes, they paid a tailor or dressmaker to sew for them. Hats, gloves and shoes are difficult to make. They were sold in shops or market stalls by people who wear them.

By the early 1800s, many people in Europe had moved from the country to works in towns. The poorest people who lived in town hardly ever bought new clothes. Instead their clothes came from second hand clothes talls, or rag markets. Other people in towns did not have time to make their own clothes. they bought them from a tailor or a dressmaker.

In the shops, costumers were shown dressed dolls, or colored of the latest fashions. When they ahd chosen the style they liked, the dressmaker made it their sizes.

Until the mid 1850s dressmaker had to make their own paper patterns and had to do all the sewing by hand.

10.   The best title for the text above is ...............
A.The role of tailors and dressmaker
B.making and selling clothes
C.clothing marketing
D.fashion development
E.clothing industry

11.   That some people liked wearing old clothes is found in paragraph...........

12.   Them in paragraph one refers to ......................
D.rich people
E.silk and furs

13.   ......... or rag markets ( par.2) Markets means ...................

14.   Which of the following is not true according to the text?
A.Rich people could buy silk and furs from others lands
B.Poorest people was lived in town hardly ever bought new clothes
C.Poorest people did not have time to make their own clothes
D.Costumers were shown dressed dolls or colored of the latest fashions
E.Dressmaker had to make all the sewing by hand in the middle of 1850s

We all know that we can not realy too much on oil supporting our economic life nowdays. Many countries produce some oil  every year, so the price of oil sometimes gets lower and lower. Besides, the oil deposits which lie deep beneath the surface of the earth won't last forever. After a certain period of time, which may be not much longer, we sill run out of oil, so our government thought of other possibel alternatives, and decided that tourism would be a good one.

Indonesia has good potensial of tourism. It has many beautiful places, many different custom languages, dances, traditional dresses, and songs. We even have one of the seven wonders ofthe world, Borobudur. So it is not impossible for Indonesia to exploit these through tourism. It is not only that Indonesia is good for our country look nice and clean. We need to build more hotels and more public transportation., more restaurants, entertaintment building, etc. Then the world of business and technology will grow and later it will alter the whole country. This is the good side of tourism.

But we must bear in mind that there are some bad aspects of tourism. The way of life of people will change. Many bad influences from outside will come and ruin the people mentally, especially youngsters. This is the most dangerous and serious matter. The beautiful places in Indonesia could be ruined as well because of the careless tourists and careless bussinesmen who only want toget money without considering the environment.

15.   One of the bad sides of tourism is ...............
A.we have to study more about tourism
B.we have to keep our country clean
C.the world of technology will grow
D.the world of business will grow
E.a lot of youngsters we mentally ruined by taking ectacy nowdays.

16.   One of the seven wonder of thw world that Indonesia has is ..................
B.lake toba
C.Mount Bromo
D.Borobudur Temple
E.Bunaken islan

17.   ......... so it is not impossible for Indonesia to exploit these in toursim (par.2)
Exploit Means ................
C.make less use of
D.make use full of

18.   All statement here are not true, except;
A.Indonesia will never run out of oil
B.Besides oil we can rely on tourism
C.Oil is the only thing we can rely on
D.Tourism is the only thing we can rely on
E.It is imposible for Indonesia to attract people through tourism

19.   Arman is a hansome boy, beside he is clever he is also ............. that is he has good behaviour.

20.   We must eat adequate quantities of nutrious food.
The underlined word means ............
E.a lot of

21.   The girl always wears the ...........fashion. The fashion is up to date.

22.   Almost all people during each 24 hour period need a number of hours of total rest in which its function slowdown. The antonym slowdown is ....................
B.not quick
C.take a long time
D.increase speed
E.non active

23.   Pulalu Seribu was designed to let you enjoy the nature, both physically and mentally. Sport facilities, ........... resort, emerald green water with pure white ............ sand are available for you.
A.diving- silver
D.diving -tourist

24.   I have to go now, Jane. Good bye! ............
A.Good morning
B.Good time
C.It's a nice day
D.What's up
E.see you next

25.   Which statement is not expression of command and prohibition?
A.They ought to study
B.She would finish her work
C.They should come early
D.You have to clean the board
E.We must make the bed every morning

26.   They should wear the jacket in this classroom. This sentence expresses .............

27.   Which sentence which not expression of "like'?
A.I am very keen on fishing
B.Swimming is very enjoyable
C.I got nothing so far
D.She hates smoking
E.They had a very good meal

28.   Which sentence is an expression of "like"?
A.She dislike party
B.We did not enjoy the game
C.I do not really like fishing
D.she hates smoking
E.they had a very good meal

29.   Which sentences is not the expression of capability?
A.I can do it
B.There is a chance that I can do it
C.I'm incapable of doing it
D.I.m able to do it
E.I feel able to do it

30.   We enjoyed ............. at Dicky's birthday.

31.   I .......... did the exercise

32.   Ramon .......... the television since five o'clock
A.is watching
B.was watching
C.has watched
D.has been watching
E.had watched

33.   Rebeca and Caroline ............. for an hour on the phone.
A.had talked
B.have talked
C.have been talking
D.had been talking
E.has talked

34.   The students are naughty. A teacher is angry with them. The correct combination is ........
A.The students whcih a teacher is angry with are naughty
B.The students with which a teacher is angry are naughty
C.The students with whom a teacher is angry are naughty
D.The students that a teacher is with angry are naughty
E.the students whom with a teacher is angry are naughty

35.   Make a composition at least two paragraph by choosing one of the three titles below:
a. Healthy Water
b. My School Uniform
c. Tourist Objects

36.   Fill in the blanks of the following passage with appropriate words from the box below.

Table tennis is either played .............(1 )or outdoor. It is ...........(2) for two of four players., who uses small wooden ..................(3) each to hit a hollow ball over a net .............(4) accross the table.

To begin the server determined by toss, stand behind ................(5) and hits the ball after..............(6) it upward with his free hand. The ball must first ................(7) the server's court  before passing over the ............(8) and striking the receivers's court.  The receiver .............(9) a ball directly into a sevice court. Thereafter, the server and receiver alternately try to make good return. When one fails to do so, the ..................(10) scores a point. Striking the ball before it bounces once is not permitted.

NET                 TABLE             GAMES                THROWING        OPONENT
INDOOR         RETURNS       STRETCHED        RACKET              STRIKE