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  Kelas : 1, Bahasa Inggris (Semester Genap/Evaluasi 04)


          Not all students in Indonesia can afford their school fees. They are still quite young and they want more education although their parents are poor. Most of their parents are farmers, factory workers, fishermen, and becak drivers Their wages or salary are too low to pay the school fees.The school fees are high especially in citiies or town, not only in government schools but also in private schools. They need money for school fees and books. Money and books are vital importance for student.
          Poor students are in need of help. Scholarships are badly needed. S o it is time for the foundations and organizations to think about this problem. Sholarships are financial awards given to clever of qualified students to be used for tuition, board, and books. Scholarships are given by school, colleges, and universitities as well as by public and private institutions and organization. Scholarships are needed by qualified students of needy family and orphans. As long as they are clever or qualified they can get the scholarship. so scholarship is usually an anual grant to a clever or qualified student to enable him to continue his studies. They should make much progress in every subject they take.
          To those who have got scholarships are advised to spend the time wisely. They should not idle away their time, because get scholarship which is limited is not easy. Sometimes the teachers give the tasks fist to choose the qualified students. If they succeed in their examination or have good marks in every terminal, the scholarships will contiually given to them. Hopefully they become scientists or people who are needed for the development of our country.

1.   The scholarship is usually given by the government, schools, or organization to ................
A.the students
B.farmers and factory
C.fishermen and becak drivers
D.the scientists
E.qualified students of a needy family and orphans

2.   If they succeed in their examination or have good marks in every terminal ( par 3 )
They refers to ......................
A.the teacher
B.the parents
C.those who get the scholarship
D.the scientists
E.the people

3.   Scholarships are needed by qualified students of a needy family.
The Underlined words refers to .......................
A.the parents
B.public and private institutions
C.poor students
D.qualified students
E.the poor parents

4.   Why is scholarships usually an annual grant? Because ...............
A.the students should clever
B.the scholarship is unlimited
C.the students should spend the time wisely
D.the students should make much progress in every subject they take
E.they enable to continue their students

                                                        INFORMATL EDUCATION

          Now education takes many forms. There is formal education, which is carried on in schools. And there is informal education, which goes on in other settings. People are being educated all the time, learning from others and learning by themselves.
          To most people, education means schools. But education has many other sources as well as  home, farm, museum, tv, advertising, newspaper and magazines, sportw events, and practical experiences. Education also takes place in mosques, churches and temples.
          A home is a place where people cook, eat, sleep, and care for their children. Girls can learn how to cook from their mothers, boys can learn from their fathers how to grow vegetables, to milk a cow and to raise chickens.
         Living close to the land, farm children begin to learn the way of nature before they realize they are learning. They watch plants develop from tiny seeds. They care for baby animal from the moment of birt. Farm children help both parents. Children gather eggs from the hen coop, help with the gardenning, or sort apples for marketing. Some take the job of feeding and caring for one or more of the farm house.

5.   "People are being educated all the time" The statements means .................
A.The people should go to school as long as they can.
B.The people should learn all the time
C.The people learn either from other by themselves
D.The people do not give up learning
E.The people learn without taking a rest

6.   The informal education means..................
A.Education inside schools
B.Education that goes on in one setting
C.Education that goes on other settings
D.education that takes by anyone
E.Education that takes by special people

7.   Television is not only a source of entertainment, but it is also for education.
The underlined word means ...................
A.having the necessary to entertain
B.showing the entertainment
C.presetting the entertainment
D.playing the great value
E.something that amuses or interest

8.   Learning about anything related to agriculture or horticulture, can be found in paragraph......
E.one and two

Galileo Galilee was born in 1564 in the city of Pisa, Italy. About 21 years later he attended the University of Pisa. At first, he wanted to become a doctor, but while he was there he became interested in science and decided to become a scientist. In 1592, a year after his father's death, the University of Padua invited him to be a professor of mathematics. He stayed there for 19 years, where he became interested in stars. He made an instrument which made far away things look larger and easier to examine. This was called the telescope. It could make things look thrty tow times as big as they looked the eye. galileo could see many stars through his telescope and began to study the stars and other things in the sky.

He studied the moon first and discovered that itwa a sphere just like our own earth, with mountains and valleys. When he studied the stars, he discovered that the"star' which moved were not relly stars, but worlds like the earh. He proved that Copernicus was right: the earth and the planets indeed moved around the sun. Galileo also discovered that one big planet, Jupiter had four moons, but he made a mistake by naming them planets.

Galileo discovered many other things too. It is because of Galileo that we know have clocks and watches. He also wrote many important books which opened the way to the discovery of new things.  Unfortunetly, in 1673 he lost his eyes sight. However, he continued to work until he passed away on January, 8 ,1642

9.   What did Galileo want to be when he was in Pisa University?
A.a doctors
B.a mathematician
C.a scientist
D.a professor
E.an astronomer

10.   When did his father die?
A.in 1591
B.in 1592
C.in 1564
D.in 1584
E.in 1611

11.   It could make things look thirty two times .........(par 1)
It refers to ....................
C.far away things
E.the eye

12.   However, he continued to work until passed away in 1642.
Passed away has the same meaning with ...................
A.passed by
D.took away
E.went away

What do we mean by sanitation? To answer it let use follow these explanation below. A healthy life is a life that everyone, of course, wants. They must need a helthy environment as well, included the surrounding in which they live in. Besides that they also need water to drink, the food to eat and air to breath. There by generally sanitation can be defined less and more as follow. Sanitation is an effort that deals with how to keep the environment healtful that includes all  everything we need and our surrounding such as a small apartement in crowded city, a big, roomy house in the country, and moreover a hut in a primitive village.

We should do something for our surrounding in which we live in. For example we must put food in the cuppboard of refrigerator. We, of course, should not led food left lying around in order that it does not attract some insect and rats. To get rid of these pests, the proper cares of letters need performing. As well as the steps above we must keep our house clean and healthy. Moreover we will habituate us to scrub our rooms like bathroom, kitchen, living room and bedroom using an anitiotic cleaner.

The effort to get rid of disease germs do not constitute the only part of the sanitation officials duties.

13.   What is the main idea of paragraph two?
A.Clean the room properly
B.The proper cares of lettering
C.People must put their foodin the refrigerator
D.People must not let food left lying around
E.The effort to keep the environmnet healthy

14.   The following activities are those that you must do for your room except:
A.keep the room tidy
B.keep the room clean
C.keep the room comportable
D.keep the room untidy
E.keep the room neat

15.   Now we will habituate us to scrub our rooms. The synonim or scrub is ..................

16.   The following cause new health problems, except .................
A.The misuse of insect killers
B.harmful diet
C.smoke from industrial factories
D.sea shore area
E.exhaust from automobiles

17.   Mr Lukman : Allow me to introduce my self. Lukman, an Englisn teacher
Students      : How do you do Mr Lukman? We are glad to meet you
From the dialogue above we know that...........
A.The students have already known Mr Lukman
B.Mr lukman has already known the students
C.Mr Lukman and Students have known each other
D.Mr Lukman has taught the students English before
E.Mr Lukman is new English teacher

18.   "Don't forget to do your homework" the teacher told Ima, the indirect sentence of the sentence above is .............................. The teacher told Ima ...................
A.to not forget to do her homework
B.don't forget to do my homework
C.if your forgot to do your homework
D.not to forget to do her homework
E.not to forget to do my homework

19.   Ami : Where must I study if I want to get a job after school?
Ita : It's better for you to study at ...................
A.Public school
B.Vocational School
C.Government School
D.State School
E.Private School

20.   When the teacher came, the children ...............noise. So the teacher was angry with them
A.were making
B.was making
C.are making
D.is making

21.   The room is air conditioned. Every body ............ smoke it
B.might not
C.must not
E.should not

22.   Nur : Where does he usually ............ his bag?
Lia : He usually ............. it on the cupboard
E.puts-to put

23.   She was cooking when the phone ...............
A.is ringging
C.was ringing

24.   Tom : Do you know Mira's house?
Min : Sory I don't know
Tom : I want to visit her but I don't know ..............................
A.where she lives
B.where she does live?
C.where did she live?
D.where she lived?
E.Where does she live?

25.   The teacher said " Is Marwan absent?"
The teacher asked .......................
A.is Marwan absent?
B.was Marwan Absent?
C.If Marwan was absent
D.whether Marwan is absent
E.What Marwan was absent

26.   A : Do you have a stamp?
B : Yes here
A : Thanks, now I ............. go to the post office
B.have to
C.don't have to
D.need to

27.   All children must ............. elemtaray schools.
B.come by

28.   The sun ................ in the east and ................... in the west
A.rise - set

29.   ANI  : My right hand is ache. I can not write now. I have to check it to the doctor. Where             should I go?
INA : You should see Dr. Edi. Tell him about your hand ache, when did it happen?
           How  do you feel now?
ANI : Well I will do my best, my hand has been ache since two days ago

From the  dialogue above we know that Ina is giving..................

30.   Retno : Jony! you ...............play with sharp knife
Jony : I am sorry I won't do that again
B.must not
C.don't need
D.don't have to
E.need not

31.   What do you know about scholarship? Scholarship is ........................
A.school fees
B.some money that is very important for students
C.some maney that vital for students
D.the wages or salaries for school fees
E.Financial awards given to clever or qualified students to be used for tuition board and books

32.   Public school does not train the students in a particular skill
Tain means .....................

33.   We must not flow harmful substances into the river.
The underlined word means...............

34.   Tony : " Did you meet my sister?' Tony asked me if I .....................
A.met his sister
B.had met his sister
C.met my sister
D.had met his sister
E.met your sister

35.   Doni was repairing his car when I ....................
A.have arrived
D.was arriving
E.will arrive

36.   X : What does your sister do every morning?
Y : " she ............. the floor'
A.is sweeping
B.has swept
E.will sweep

37.   ESSAY

Write clearly some education in Indonesia. Among them are
a. Public School
b. Vocatioanal School
c. Government School
d. Private School

38.   Make 2 sentences in past continouses (+, -, ?)

39.   Make sentences from the words below:
a. Fertilizers
b. Reduce
c. Garbage
d. Abandon

40.   Change these sentences into indirect speech:

"What is the difference between garbage and rubbish? ( the teacher asked the students)